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0004140The Dark ModAnimationpublic17.12.2020 01:41
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004140: Ai head butting during combat
DescriptionAi will sometimes lean forward while attacking, hitting the player with their head. This is because combat controls the leg channel, and the hips lean forward quite a bit while running. This was fixed once by putting leg overrides in the combat frame commands, but recent animation changes may have affected that fix.
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related to 0004064 new Checklist of minor anim issues for 2.04 




21.04.2015 19:48

administrator   ~0007487

Just to clarify a bit more--during combat, there are two things controlling the AI: movement and attacks. The leg channel is controlled by the AI's need to move within range of the player, and the torso channel is controlled by the attack/block code.

Our run animation has the AI lean forward quite a bit, so when the legs cause the AI to run at the same time the torso is swinging, the AI winds up bending down and head-butting the player.

I fixed this once by putting leg channel overrides in the combat frame commands--this meant that when the AI started his combat swing on the torso, the legs would stop running for a moment. It looked fine and didn't create any serious exploits. IIRC, the 2.03 changes to animations made leg overrides not work anymore, so this issue will need to be solved in a different way when animation is reworked for 2.04.


15.01.2016 14:34

administrator   ~0008026

Last edited: 15.01.2016 14:35

I can't remember why the leg overrides don't work anymore, but another option is to just re-enable that function? Seems like the ability to override a particular channel on a particular frame will always be useful.



29.01.2016 18:51

reporter   ~0008035

I'm reluctant to mess with animation overrides again in 2.04 after the grief it gave us in 2.03. So much grief that grayman and I decided to work on a new simplified animation system, but that hasn't happened yet. I'll bump this to 2.05.

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