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0004148The Dark ModSound Systempublic16.10.2017 17:24
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.04Fixed in VersionTDM 2.04 
Summary0004148: Sounds popping in big maps
DescriptionTwo recent maps have excessive sound popping in certain locations. Semi-random, but up to 50% reproducible in certain spots.

When the sound pops on my system, sound from outside the game (other applications) is lost for a second or two.

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09.05.2015 08:39

reporter   ~0007509

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The problem is in idSoundWorldLocal::ResolveOrigin, a recursive function that flows sound through portals and (1) tots up the volume contribution of different paths to the player, and (2) calculates the spatialized origin, the apparent origin of the sound, heard from the listener's position.

It needs an extra terminating condition up top: if the accumulated sound loss through a portal path is greater than the emitter volume, quit instead of returning a set of numbers that will resolve to 0 volume.

The problem arises later in the same function when it merges together results from different portal chains. If there's more than one chain whose length is within the sound's max distance, but *all* chains found resolve to 0 volume because of sound loss on the portals, then we get a division by zero in the spatialized origin calculation, which eventually ends up being fed into to the sound card as a channel volume.



09.05.2015 12:26

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