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0004315DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.01.2017 18:09
ReporterSpooks Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.3 
Target Version2.0.4Fixed in Version2.0.4 
Summary0004315: Color-related spawnargs should have three points of decimal precision instead of two
DescriptionWhen you pick a color, and the 0 to 255 values get turned into the 0 to 1 values the spawnarg works with, they'll have 2 points of decimal precision, which does not represent the full color gamut, and will possibly band the color you've chosen.
Steps To ReproduceYou can observe this in the entity pane. Get an entity with a color argument (e.g. a _color on a light or an ambient_light on a location settings ent), then click on that argument. You have the raw 0-1 value in the type field and the RGB value below. Manually increase the RGB value by typing in its box. Suppose you have Blue at 17, which corresponds to 0.07. When you change it to 18, the raw value should change to 0.071 - 0.074, but it stays at two points of precision.
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11.05.2016 19:06

administrator   ~0008145

Resolved in 7548da1b654b8cb55dbd4af24d0a112c2eb17a42


23.05.2016 13:09

reporter   ~0008162

This currently works when picking colors through the color widget inside the entity pane, but not when picking colors through the Light properties color widget.

Confirming your color choice while in the Light properties will immediately take the color spawnarg back to two points of precision.


23.05.2016 17:38

administrator   ~0008164

Fixed the code in two more places, Should be resolved in a1a3f31e1400b72a69404b45db740bcd28a04a8f

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