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0004316DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic01.01.2017 18:09
ReporterSpooks Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version2.0.3 
Target Version2.0.4Fixed in Version2.0.4 
Summary0004316: Patches + Incorrect Shader Paste operations breaks the 3D viewport
DescriptionThis problem dates back to 2.0.3, perhaps even further. It persists in the most current 2.0.4 pre-release versions. In the Steps To Reproduce section, I will describe what happens when you try different shader pasting methods on patches/endcaps in the 3D viewport.
Steps To Reproduce1) Ctrl+MMB - Camera Paste Texture.
There are no problems with this paste method regarding patches/endcaps.

2) Alt+MMB - Camera Paste Texture Coordinates (only Patch-to-Patch)
If you copy a shader from a brush then try Alt+MMB on a patch or endcap, you will receive the message "Can't paste Texture Coordinates from faces." When you close it and move your mouse over the 3D viewport, the message will immediately return.

3) Ctrl+Shift+MMB - Camera Paste Texture Natural.
If you copy a shader from a brush then try Ctrl+Shift+MMB on an endcap (not patch), you will receive the message "Sorry. Patch is not suitable for this kind of operation." When you close it and move your mouse over the 3D viewport the shader in your clipboard will start auto-pasting on every brush surface you hover over, and once you hover over any endcap, incl. the one you tried pasting to, the message will naturally reappear.

Note that this does not happen when the Paste Texture Natural command is used through the edit menu. The error message will get shown, but the 3D viewport will not bug out.

4) Ctrl+Alt+MMB - Camera Paste Texture All Surfaces of brush.
If you copy a shader from a brush then try Ctrl+Alt+MMB on a patch or endcap, you will receive the message "Can't paste shader to entire brush. Target is not a brush." When you close it and move your mouse over the 3D viewport, the same auto-pasting/error pop-up behaviors as case 3 will occur.
Additional InformationAll tested under 2.0.4 pre7. The ONLY way that I know to get around this bug is to keep your mouse pointer out of the 3D view, save your progress before the auto-pasting does any damage, close DR then reopen it - it's effectively a softlock.

I should say the same thing happens when copying shaders from patches and pasting it to brushes incorrectly.
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16.05.2016 18:40

administrator   ~0008147

Should be gone in b3269603e3d8d3aa0edec6eb80b0c3ab787d29b7


29.05.2016 11:16

reporter   ~0008191

I've uploaded a map where this problem persists. When you open the map the camera should be focused on a cube and a bevel with an endcap on its right. MMB to copy the wood shader from the cube and try paste it with Shift+MMB on the endcap. The bug will appear.

Note that this DOESN'T happen on the other side, with the other endcap, or when copying the shader off the other side of the cube and then pasting it to the opposite endcap.


29.05.2016 11:16

reporter (4,800 bytes)


29.05.2016 16:26

administrator   ~0008192

Thanks for spotting, another fix is in source: e7ccf254ab6ae9db79573129bcd495d9c018de09

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