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0004329DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic01.01.2017 18:09
ReporterSpooks Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version2.0.3 
Target Version2.0.4Fixed in Version2.0.4 
Summary0004329: Pasting Shaders from Patch To Brush Does Not Keep Texture Scale and Alignment
DescriptionCopying a shader from a patch then pasting it on a brush surface will scale the texture to extremely small levels.

I'm skeptical that one can even take texture alignment/scale from patches and apply it to brushes, but 2.0.3 handled it competently enough by setting the texture scale to the Default Scale set in the texture inspector.

However, in 2.0.4 pre versions, the shaders paste at an extremely small scale and at the very least this behavior should be reverted back to how 2.0.3 did it.
Steps To ReproduceMMB (Copy Shader) on patch
Shift/Ctrl+MMB (Paste Shader Natural/Paste Shader Projected) on brush
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27.05.2016 11:49

administrator   ~0008182

Fixed in 05d80dfb91173e68258c03101f3fe0f2ba4857aa


29.05.2016 11:11

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