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0000435The Dark ModScript/Defpublic04.01.2020 04:53
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Summary0000435: Maps with custom scripts fail when loaded from savegame
DescriptionBlackhear manor (as of revision 3860 or something) has a custom map script, which gets reloaded upon game restore (quickload). The script's inclusion guards are properly undefined, but the script parser still chokes with a "redefinition error" and bails out. The definitions don't seem to be properly cleaned before game load.
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05.01.2019 05:40

developer   ~0011247

Still happens in 2.07


04.01.2020 04:53

administrator   ~0012053

Repro steps or did not happen =)
I can't understand how heavily-scripted TDM could exist to this date if scripts did not support saving/loading properly.

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