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0004361The Dark ModGraphicspublic11.02.2024 21:30
Reporternbohr1more Assigned Tonbohr1more  
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Product VersionTDM 2.04 
Summary0004361: Create new light type "customLight"
DescriptionNow that we can access the renderer source, new light types are possible.
To give mappers more flexibility and allow quicker prototypes, I am proposing
a change to allow "light material defs" to pass which ARB code is run for the light interaction.

To my knowledge, the current code will try to run ARB in light materials against the supplied textures and output the result as a projection texture.

In previous testing this either caused a hard crash or "too many indirect" gl errors. This isn't the intended use case anyway. The light material system already has more than enough flexibility for manipulating the projection texture. We are instead interested in letting lights have custom surface interaction behaviors to allow for things like 3D-texture based lightmaps or other exotic input texture projections. Akin to a "ultra blendLight".


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08.08.2016 20:15

developer   ~0008251

This change will require the same changes in the cubicLight fix (3881) but will also require making either newStage or another structure part of vLight to pass the ARB path from the material def.


24.09.2017 14:54

developer   ~0009340

Deferred to 2.07 unless duzenko squeezes it in before code freeze.
It would take me too long to workout how to do this for both ARB and GLSL with
all the new render changes.

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