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0004376The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic20.09.2016 19:48
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Summary0004376: Conversation Editor GUI Improvement
DescriptionThe Conversation Editor can be improved by allowing the mapper to access both sound shaders and animations whilst inside the editor.
As it stands, one has to close the Conversation Editor down, manually track down either of the above elements, copy the shader/animation name, and only then return to the Conversation Editor to place the element in its correct place.
The idea is that once you click either the "choose sound shader" or the "choose animation" button, you will be taken to the soundshader library or to the MD5 Animation Viewer - all without having to exit the Conversation Editor.

Please see the attached image for how my proposed new GUI would look like.
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(Duplicate of 4377) Not a Darkmod issue.

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