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0004413DarkRadiantGeneralpublic07.07.2017 18:51
ReporterSpooks Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.4 
Target Version2.1.0Fixed in Version2.1.0 
Summary0004413: Leaving fs_game/fs_game_base blank causes particles to be saved in DarkRadiant's base folder
DescriptionThis dates back to 2.0.3 and I still experience it, it's quite an annoyance. If you leave your fs_game line in your DR game settings blank and then save a custom particle in the particle editor, you would expect that particle to be saved in TDM's root folder (assuming the engine path is TDM's root folder). Instead, the particle gets saved in Dark Radiant's root folder.
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09.11.2016 18:37

administrator   ~0008459

Fixed in 3b8cbbb05a3da02fdefb2bc9dbdd5486d47b03eb. If fs_game and fs_game_base are both empty, DR now falls back to the user engine path.

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