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0000045The Dark ModCodingpublic06.11.2007 03:31
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Summary0000045: Player collisions with solid weapons weilded by AI
DescriptionWeapons yielded by AI are solid to the player, correct? This seems to cause a few problems we've discussed in the forums:

- player rising up when bumped by AI
- possible ability to mantle live AI
- a new one I just came across: the ability to ride a swinging weapon

See amusing attached movie:
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06.11.2007 03:31

reporter   ~0000831

I *think* this is okay now. The bump-rising was addressed in another issue. I cannot mantle AI, nor can I seem to ride the swinging swords anymore. It's hard to be sure due to the current AI weirdness (putting away their swords, forgetting to attack, standing there stuttering etc), but it seems addressed.

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