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0004513DarkRadiantGUIpublic09.12.2018 18:04
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PlatformLinux x64OSKubuntuOS Version16.10
Summary0004513: Opening the Surface Inspector with a hotkey increases the window's height a little bit
DescriptionEvery time I open the Surface Inspector, the window's height increases a little bit. This does not appear to happen when I select it from the menu.

I toggle the window a lot and it doesn't take long for it to occupy a lot more space than it needs to.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the Surface Inspector a couple of times using the hotkey (shift+s)
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03.07.2017 19:18

administrator   ~0008962

I've got a Kubuntu 16.10 (x64) virtual machine here, and DR doesn't do this on this end. I'm holding down Shift-S for several seconds, the window is always showing up the same size.

Anything else that might be different between our systems?


09.12.2018 18:04

reporter   ~0010853

Sorry about the late reply!

Hmm, I'm using a very simple window manager, OpenBox. Which one do you have, KWin I presume?

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