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0004522The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic07.05.2017 14:55
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Summary0004522: Write savegame preview images as in JPG format
DescriptionRight now all screenshots are saved in JPG format by default (in fact, it is customizable).
However, savegame preview images are still saved in TGA format (uncompressed), and they take about the same amount of space as the save data itself. Obviously, it makes sense to save preview images in JPG too, especially because no one really cares about their quality.
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related to 0002805 resolvedstgatilov Screenshot image format 




07.05.2017 06:31

administrator   ~0008845

Supported JPG/TGA in revision 6873.

The format used is defined by com_savegame_preview_format cvar, which has value "jpg" by default, and is stored in cfg file.
In order to support other extensions/formats, some more changes are necessary, otherwise save/load game menu won't show preview images. But I think nobody cares about it.

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