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0004525DarkRadiantGUIpublic10.05.2018 18:28
ReporterMirceaKitsune Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSLinux openSUSEOS VersionRelease
Product Version2.2.1 
Target Version2.3.0Fixed in Version2.3.0 
Summary0004525: Various windows won't open
DescriptionCertain windows refuse to open any longer, some randomly others at all. For instance: If I select View -> Media Browser, absolutely nothing happens and the window never appears... although if I select View -> Surface Inspector, it always shows up properly... View -> Console View on the other hand only works after you click it several times.
Additional InformationI compile DarkRadiant from latest Git master of My operating system is Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed / KDE).
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related to 0004551 closedgreebo Group Dialog tabs are broken in SplitPane Layout 




07.05.2017 01:26

reporter   ~0008839

Last edited: 07.05.2017 01:26

Something I forgot to mention: I don't use the default layout, where those panels are integrated into the main window. I use the split layout with 4 windows... where one is the 3D view, one is XY 2D view, one is YZ 2D view, and one is XZ 2D view. The bug might be related to this specific layout, and possibly others that require opening those windows separately.



03.07.2017 17:27

administrator   ~0008959

It's fixed now that some windows don't open at all (in rev. 929f43), but I can't do much about the fact that one has to press certain hotkeys several times in a row. The wxGTK implementation is sending wrong show/hide information to the application, so it appears. With a hidden GroupDialog, the first time the hotkey is pressed the code assumes the window to be visible (which is not true), so it erroneously tries to hide the dialog, doing effectively nothing. It takes a few hits on the hotkey to make things right.

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