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0004579The Dark ModSoundpublic16.08.2017 13:59
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OSWindows 10 64-bit 
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Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004579: Guards produce beep when they hit the Ground after KO (Penny Dreadful 2: All the way Up)
DescriptionWhen ever an entity calls audio that doesn't exist, it produces a warning beep.
In 2.05 these beeps were not rendered for KO'ed guards but one of the SVN revisions caused this audio breakage.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install TDM (SVN rev 14849)
2) Install PD2: All the way Up
3) Either find the Blackjack or spawn it
4) KO the guard at the end of the lane from where you start

Expected result: Normal collision and fabric sounds
Observed result: Beeping alerts for missing sounds
Additional InformationWorking theory: Perhaps during the Standalone transition, the code was changed to silently warn (etc) about missing sounds rather than beep?
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In PD2, when certain guards are KO'ed or killed, they run a script that spawns and drops a second sword. (This is a bug, but the mission has already been released. bikerdude & melan have been notified.)

This second sword is an atdm:weapon_shortsword, and it was missing its snd_bounce spawnarg.

Supplying snd_bounce fixes the problem.

rev 14878


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