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0004644DarkRadiantModelspublic06.11.2017 04:53
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Product Version2.4.0 
Summary0004644: Use of BITMAP field in ASE differs from TDM
DescriptionTDM includes a model called models/darkmod/architecture/stairs/Arcturus_stairs.ase -- it originally appeared in Arcturus's Animated Grass Test demo map.

One of its materials shows up as missing (the Shader Not Found image) in DR. DR's model viewer reports its name as blocks_mixedsize03_mo (which looks like a truncated textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/blocks_mixedsize03_mossy).

Inside the ASE file we have:

    *MATERIAL 1 {
        *MATERIAL_NAME "blocks_mixedsize03_mo"


        *MAP_DIFFUSE {
            *MAP_NAME "blocks_mixedsize03_mo"
            *MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
            *MAP_SUBNO 1
            *MAP_AMOUNT 1.0000
            *BITMAP "//base/Arcturus_stone_1"



Unlike MATERIAL_NAME and MAP_NAME, the BITMAP field doesn't have blocks_mixedsize03_mo but Arcturus_stone_1. This is the name of a material that actually exists in the grass demo (but is missing from TDM core): it's a vertex-blended mix of textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/blocks_mixedsize03_mossy and textures/darkmod/nature/grass/short_dry_grass.

Since the model works properly in the grass demo FM, my suspicion is that DR is mistaken about which field TDM will treat as the name of the material to use: TDM uses BITMAP, but DR reports either MATERIAL_NAME or MAP_NAME.
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03.11.2017 17:56

administrator   ~0009531

The ASE model in TDM is different than the one in the grass.pk4 I found on moddb (linked from the forum thread here:

The one in TDM actually refers to "\\base\textures\darkmod\stone\cobblestones\blocks_mixedsize03_mossy" as MATERIAL 1, whereas the one in the grass PK4 refers to "//base/Arcturus_stone_1".

Neither of them shows a "shader not found" texture on my end. Can you check which model you're working on, and where you got it from?


03.11.2017 18:32

developer   ~0009532

It's the one in tdm_models01.pk4 in my TDM 2.05 installation.

Maybe the model got fixed in SVN since then? I seem to have reported it back in


03.11.2017 18:47

administrator   ~0009533

Last edited: 03.11.2017 18:48

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Yes, it appears to have been fixed around December 2016 in TDM SVN.



03.11.2017 18:49


Arcturus_stairs.7z (30,781 bytes)


03.11.2017 18:49

administrator   ~0009534

I've attached the one found in TDM SVN.


03.11.2017 19:14

developer   ~0009535

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Cheers; I can confirm it works on my end.

I see the fixed version has

MATERIAL_NAME blocks_mixedsize03_mossy
MAP_NAME blocks_mixedsize03_mossy
BITMAP \\base\textures\darkmod\stone\cobblestones\blocks_mixedsize03_mossy

and in DR's model viewer the material is reported as textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/blocks_mixedsize03_mossy

So here DR *did* use the BITMAP. Whereas the version from grass.pk4 has

MATERIAL_NAME blocks_mixedsize03_mo
MAP_NAME blocks_mixedsize03_mo
BITMAP //base/Arcturus_stone_1

and the DR model viewer reports blocks_mixedsize03_mo

If I copy grass.pk4 to my main darkmod directory so DR will load its contents, meaning it can see the Arcturus_stone_1 def, then the model viewer reports the material as Arcturus_stone_1 (and it looks correct). Maybe DR is falling back on one of the other fields when it can't find the BITMAP?

Edit: I tried using this material def for blocks_mixedsize03_mo:

    diffusemap _white

DR used it (for the grass.pk4 version of the model only) and I got white instead of Shader Not Found. TDM didn't try to use it; surfaces still showed up black and there was a 'couldn't load image: arcturus_stone_1' console error.



03.11.2017 20:08

developer   ~0009536

It's the MATERIAL_NAME that's being used: models/darkmod/misc/clipmodels/ironsignmount_cm.ase appears in DR's model viewer to use a nonexistent material called 'iron', and the file has

BITMAP //tdm_collision_metal (should have been //base/tdm_collision_metal)


04.11.2017 04:03

administrator   ~0009539

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Yes, the DR code has a fallback routine in there (which had been added in 2011 to better support the ASE models in the XreaL game).

It's in plugins/model/RenderablePicoSurface.cpp:49



05.11.2017 07:12

administrator   ~0009550

So, I assume this issue can be closed?


05.11.2017 15:39

developer   ~0009554

Well, it's up to you whether it's worth doing anything about. From my point of view, DR is giving misinformation about what materials TDM will look for. Still, it's an infrequent problem, and I can see it's an awkward case; if the fallback were applied or skipped depending on the game being mapped for, that too could cause confusion.


06.11.2017 04:53

administrator   ~0009563

I'll leave this entry open then, in case it's causing troubles with more models down the road.

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