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0004647The Dark ModMappingpublic03.01.2020 14:39
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Summary0004647: St. Lucia --Ladder model has a gap between faces
DescriptionModel used in StLucia right near the man door.
Screenshot attached.
Curious that shadow map shows the gap and stencil shadow does not.
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04.11.2017 08:42


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04.11.2017 15:35

developer   ~0009545

I think that's the entity called church_wood_ladder, which is brushwork, so it's map-specific rather than a problem with a general-use ladder model.

The rungs are solid brushes, so the missing edge doesn't manifest in DR, only in the tris generated during dmap. (The verts are off-grid, though, so maybe it's a precision-related issue?)


11.12.2017 22:10

administrator   ~0009761

That gap is also there in 2.05, so not something that needs to be fixed now.

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