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0000047The Dark ModCodingpublic17.01.2015 20:20
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Fixed in VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0000047: Lightgem Level Affected By Particles
DescriptionOriginal thread:

I thought this had been mentioned or tracked already, but perhaps that was just discussion about the old gem, years ago. If this is a duplicate, point me to it.

This map shows the effect simply enough. Load it up and go stand in the snow. Take your hand off the mouse; don't touch anything. Just watch the lightgem. On my system, I get occasional 'spikes', where the lightgem changes, sometimes only by a shade or two, but sometimes to full brightness, for what seems like a single frame. And yet, in that spot, you're only standing in a single, non-flickering, dim ambient light. Stand off to the side (out of the main light, and out of the snow) and the spiking stops.
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related to 0003970 resolvedSteveL Rain and lightgem performance optimization 




23.05.2012 02:10

developer   ~0004615

Does this still happen with the new lightgem method?


27.05.2012 04:51

updater   ~0004630

It likely does still apply, shouldnt be too hard to fix if that is the case however.

I'll check and make the changes if needed.


28.05.2012 03:32

updater   ~0004637

Particles do show up in the lg render - confirmed.

Have a few different ideas to do this nicely, will do a bit of experimenting.


12.12.2014 08:17

reporter   ~0007248

Probably resolved with 0003970 but I'll double-check

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