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0004709The Dark ModGraphicspublic29.12.2018 04:06
Reporterstgatilov Assigned ToSpringheel  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004709: Accountant 1. Doctor's chair is black
DescriptionThe chair is completely black, no matter how hard you try to light it.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load "Accountant 1" mission, start it.
2. Turn exactly 90 degrees to the right, enable noclip.
3. Fly exactly forward until you get into street (you'll fly through some crates under the stairs, then through one door).
4. Turn right and walk along the street, then it turns left.
5. Now you see a door on the left, it is boarded up and there is a label "Doctor Waldemar's Surgery" nearby.
6. Open the door and enter, find a cabinet inside (full forward, then turn right and it would be the first locked door on the left).
7. Enable light above table and lantern, come close to the chair and look at it.

The chair is pitch black, like a perfectly black body =)
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related to 0003771 acknowledged Models with corrupt or badly scaled textures - ongoing 




23.12.2017 09:42


ac1_doctorchair_black_206.jpg (909,648 bytes)


23.12.2017 09:42


ac1_doctorchair_correct_205.jpg (874,817 bytes)


23.12.2017 09:42

developer   ~0009871

Attached two screenshots: the black (wrong) case in the latest 2.06 beta, and the correct case from 2.05.


28.03.2018 08:34


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This looks like an incorrectly applied skin arg on the model, but checked in DR and there is skin applied.

This is Epifire's model, so maybe he is best placed to look at this?

linking to model master thread - 0003771



28.12.2018 15:20

administrator   ~0011162

There is no skin applied to this model.

I tested this with the current trunk and could not reproduce the problem. Since Epifire just updated that model, it could be the issue is fixed. Will need to test with most recent beta update.


29.12.2018 04:06

developer   ~0011166

Unable to reproduce in 2.07 beta

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