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0004727The Dark ModPhysicspublic22.03.2020 12:06
Reportergrayman Assigned To 
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Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0004727: Noisemaker arrow will cling to a func_fracture instead of breaking it or bouncing off
DescriptionFire a noisemaker at a func_fracture made of glass, and the arrow might cling to it instead of breaking the glass or bouncing off.

See the screenshot.
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11.01.2018 04:25


ws6_corruption_arrow.jpg (552,398 bytes)


11.01.2018 04:26

administrator   ~0009993

Should check other arrows.


11.01.2018 04:30

administrator   ~0009994

Fails the same way in 2.05.


20.07.2018 11:56

developer   ~0010708

The noisemaker projectile does not deal any damage, so it cannot break the func_fracture. In addition, it behaves the same for all surface types (spawning a noisemaker model and making some noise). So either one of those things need change if we want a different behaviour.

See def/tdm_weapon_noisemaker.def for details.

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