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0004728The Dark ModCodingpublic22.01.2018 05:34
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
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Summary0004728: Moving over moss is awkward

I feel like moss is worse to step on, lots of little bumps and it feels like I'm almost getting caught on some.

Try doing a crouched creep, walk and run.

I don't think it's as smooth and reliable to jolt past people anymore.

As well, I think the moss has been nerfed a bit, enemies now look towards me when dropping a lot more easily than before if I drop from rafters onto the ground.
Additional InformationThere were changes made in the area of "what the player bumps into while walking" for 2.06, having to do with framerate.

They're probably the reason for loss of "smoothness" when walking over moss.

I suspect that from frame-to-frame, the player (2.05) moved up at a constant rate so that the step felt smooth, but in 2.06, the integral moves up are happening at a different rate due to framerate changes. The framerate _might_ be different frame-to-frame, which means to ascend the moss, the framerate difference have to be taken into account.

We'll see.
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20.01.2018 15:48

administrator   ~0010021

I can confirm crouch-walking across moss feels weird. It is slow and jerky like you're getting stuck on the models. This does not happen in 2.05.


22.01.2018 05:20

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The root cause appears to be the mass of the moss patch.

It's undefined, which causes the code to calculate a mass of 442, which is way too high.

The player thought he was trying to push against something that weighed 442 units, and the math of 2.06 caused forward movement to be jerky.

Setting the mass of the patch to 5 solves the problem, and both the player and AI pass smoothly across the patches left by a moss arrow.

2.05 might not have exhibited this problem because something in the "pushing against" code wasn't as sensitive to high-mass objects as 2.06 is. The moss patch is marked as "mantleable", and changes were made in 2.06 in the mantling code, so maybe that's why 2.05 and 2.06 behaved differently in this instance.



22.01.2018 05:23

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