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0004734The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic30.12.2018 06:27
ReporterJudith Assigned Toduzenko  
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Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004734: Frame limiter option for TDM
DescriptionTo make the gameplay more smooth on unoptimised maps or maybe even to squeeze more performance from the engine, we could have a frame limiter (activated when the Vsync is Off), with several options like 60, 45, 30 fps.

That would help players with performance problems, as it's better to have stable 30 fps than e.g. constant hitching between 30 and 45.

I imagine that would also enable more experienced mappers to have additional drawcalls per scene (e.g. by setting their target performance to e.g. 45 fps instead of 60), although this sure would need to be used carefully.
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related to 0003684 new Investigate GPL Renderer Improvements 




24.03.2018 08:41

developer   ~0010150

The legacy cvar for this was com_maxfps


24.03.2018 17:32

reporter   ~0010155

Great, it would be nice to have it back both as command and menu option.


26.12.2018 15:51

developer   ~0011133

Revision: 7865
Modified : /trunk/framework/Common.cpp
Modified : /trunk/framework/Session.cpp


26.12.2018 17:39

administrator   ~0011134

It used to be that having vsync on would do exactly what you describe. When vsync was off, you would see the actual framerate, which is useful when you want to know the exact fps you're gaining in a scene, either as a mapper or as a player who is adjusting video settings for best fps.

How does it work now?


26.12.2018 18:28

developer   ~0011135

Last edited: 26.12.2018 18:30

While vsync can mostly accomplish this feature, end users must also configure
the monitor refresh on the driver side or set r_displayRefresh to a specific
value in autoexec.cfg (for hardware safety reasons, this cvar value is not

Another limitation of vsync is that it falls back to half FPS targets when you
miss the threshold. Eg. Go below 60 FPS, then immediately drop to 30. Some
drivers support Adaptive vsync modes that don't do this but that's another thing
end users have to change in their driver settings. (Admittedly, we might want to
consider adding a specific "adaptive" toggle to vsync in the GUI.)

To offer a simple summary, this new feature allows you to gain the performance
benefits of capping FPS at a specific value without any of the downsides of what
vsync does (eg. half FPS targets, buffering latency) ...and without users
needing to play with driver settings.



26.12.2018 18:58

administrator   ~0011136

I read "activated when the Vsync is Off" as suggesting that there wouldn't be a way to get accurate FPS readings, either with vsync on or off. No worries if that's not the case.


30.12.2018 06:27

administrator   ~0011186

Hey guys, why 125?
Some people have 144 Hz monitors and they complain about such limit =)

I'll revert it to 166, since that was the value before change, and merge it to release.

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