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0004764DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.04.2018 09:43
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Product Version2.5.0 
Summary0004764: Material browser suggestion - thumbnails
DescriptionAt the moment the materials browser shows a list of material names, but only when clicking on each one do we see the editor image. It would be nice if each time we selected a category, we then saw a grid of thumbnails, like the texture browser, so we could see them all.
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R Soul

R Soul

30.03.2018 18:51


MaterialBrowserSuggestion.jpg (201,563 bytes)   
MaterialBrowserSuggestion.jpg (201,563 bytes)   


18.04.2018 09:43

administrator   ~0010383

Note that this kind of functionality might be expensive in terms of memory, since DR needs to instantiate all those materials to produce the preview image. For materials with editor image this might not be that bad, but not all of them have ed images which will cause the full res diffuse to be loaded from disk.

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