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0004786DarkRadiantGUIpublic28.12.2019 11:00
ReporterGoldwell Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.5.0 
Target Version2.6.0Fixed in Version2.6.0 
Summary0004786: Favorite Folders For Textures
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To help streamline navigating through textures it would be handy to be able to pin/add texture folders inside the media tab to an area where we can navigate to to select our most commonly used textures.

This would help to minimize having to search through the long list of textures in the media tab and when searching for common textures it would help to minimize irrelevant results.

For example searching for "wood" brings up 20 other results relating to wood before finally bringing up the regular wood texture folder. While sometimes it is necessary to search for just textures with wood in the title, more often than not most users are looking for the actual wood folder. So the options are either navigate through the long list and folders to find the wood folder or type in "wood" and press the down arrow 20 times to get through to list to find the right folder.

Having a favorites section would help to alleviate these workflow issues and provide a much faster experience when it comes to selecting textures. If a user wishes to search through all textures there is still the media folder to do so.
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02.05.2018 07:21

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