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0004796The Dark ModGUIpublic13.02.2019 08:05
Reporterwesp5 Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionTDM 2.05 
Summary0004796: Looking Glass zoom problem
DescriptionWhen you use a keyboard key to zoom in with the looking glass, keeping it pressed will make the screen rapidly zoom in and out which looks weird. This behaviour will not happen if you use a mouse key to zoom.
Steps To ReproduceJust bind the looking glas to a keyboard key, then keep it pressed.
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29.12.2018 10:45

developer   ~0011175

I am not able to reproduce this with the svn version of TDM. It may (accidently) have been fixed already.


29.12.2018 20:39

developer   ~0011178

I can confirm this one.

Holding the "G" key (spyglass key) down causes a flickering effect.


29.12.2018 21:46

developer   ~0011179

This feature is designed to be toggled,though, and not for press and hold, or did I miss something?


29.12.2018 21:53

developer   ~0011180

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Still, some player may accidentally hold the key down I suppose.

Pretty low priority.

Even with the desire to fix this, we'd have to make spyglass part of the native
command code instead of using the "inventory_use" system (not an easy task).

Suspended until someone motivated steps forward.



05.02.2019 11:51

reporter   ~0011542

I have tested this again with 2.07 and the weird thing is that using the "inventory_use" key does not give the flickering, only the dedicated "spyglass" key. Maybe this can help in solving this...


05.02.2019 17:01

developer   ~0011543

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Please post your Darkmod.cfg and which keys you are using to invoke the spyglass in each scenario.

Unless you are saying that you are provoking "inventory_use spyglass" from the console?

If that's the case, it's an invalid replication since the issue is that holding the key down keeps invoking that console call over and over again.



13.02.2019 08:05

reporter   ~0011583

I have the spyglass bound to G and I uploaded my config.


13.02.2019 08:05


Darkmod.cfg (13,470 bytes)

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