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0004815The Dark ModSound Systempublic20.07.2018 03:00
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
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Summary0004815: Implement Version 2 of EFX with OpenAL parameters
DescriptionOriginally suggested here:

Currently we have EAX-style parameters in EFX file, which are converted to OpenAL parameters. Given that EAX is dead, explaining parameters becomes harder.

The plan is:
1. Implement a new set of properties, which will have exactly the same names as the EFX constants (without the leading "AL_EAXREVERB_"). These properties would be passed to EFX as is, no need to convert bells to dolls.
2. Implement a "preset" property, similar to what "environment" property meant before EFX update killed it. Enumerate all presets listed in efx-presets.h and make them all available by number.
3. All of these changes will be available when "Version 2" is specified in the first line of the file. The "Version 1" definitions should continue working as they do now (support old maps).
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20.07.2018 02:44

administrator   ~0010707

Done in svn rev 7583.

If efx file contains "Version 2" as the very first command, then the following format is used for definitions (case and quotes do NOT matter):
  eaxreverb "streets" {
    reflections_delay 0.0050
    late_reverb_delay 0.050
    "echo_time" 0.25
    echo_depth 0.9000

Alternatively, it is possibly to simply use a preset from AL/efx-presets.h:
  eaxreverb "streets" {
    preset mountains //you can specify number instead of name here
You can use preset as base and then override some of its properties with custom values: just make sure to specify preset first.

The names of available presets can be seen e.g. here:

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