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0004828The Dark ModSound Systempublic25.12.2020 15:53
Reporterstgatilov Assigned ToSpringheel  
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004828: Player voice is played when you restart St.Lucia mission
DescriptionSee repro steps.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start TDM with St.Lucia mission.
2. Start new game.
3. Now press Esc to see menu, and restart game from there.

After the mission is restarted, you hear all player's voice recordings player at once.
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14.07.2018 09:52

administrator   ~0010679

Some notes:

1. I perfectly reproduce it in Release x64 from debugger, but the problem does not happen when I run Debug x64 build.
2. Using com_showSoundDecoders, it becomes clear that three vo_xxx.ogg sounds are played at once when you restart mission. The sounds start at "hit attack to start mission" screen.
3. If I start a new game and play it until I hear some of these voices during gameplay, and then restart game, still all three sounds are played. Restarting after loading a game also works the same way.


15.07.2018 11:56

administrator   ~0010686

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Entities speaker_2 (vo_backdoor), speaker_47 (vo_guardproblem) and speaker_48 (vo_hammer) miss the following property:
  "s_waitfortrigger" "1"
If I add it manually, then the problem disappears.

I wonder how this property used to work in the past. Was it not necessary to enable this s_waitfortrigger? For some reason sounds without it didn't play at mission start/restart?

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