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0004834The Dark ModGraphicspublic10.07.2018 21:34
Reporternbohr1more Assigned Toduzenko  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004834: Dynamic Internal Images do not scale to match r_fboResolution Results in HOM artifact
DescriptionIn 2.06 Frame Buffer Object rendering (r_useFBO 1) replaces MSAA settings
with resolution scaling such as r_fboResolution 1.5 (when you have Nvidia hardware).

This works well in most cases but it seems that scratch and currentRender do not scale to match this resolution change and this can result in blocky artifacts
in mirrors, water, and particularly portal_sky skyboxes.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install mission "Inn Business"
2) r_useFBO 1 and r_fboResolution 2.0 (equal to using MSAA settings in 2.06)
3) Look at the sky and notice a strange white "Hall of Mirrors" effect
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child of 0004425 resolvedduzenko Framebuffer objects for color, depth, stencil 




14.06.2018 10:14

developer   ~0010520

At revision: 7462
Please see if it solves other subviews and if not post steps to repeat.


15.06.2018 02:42

developer   ~0010523

The issue this bug was opened for appears to be resolved.

The MSAA now no longer works with Bloom so it's unclear whether this should be marked as fixed?


15.06.2018 08:19

developer   ~0010524

Not fixed until everything fixed!
Try svn rev 7472.


15.06.2018 11:57

developer   ~0010525

MSAA, r_fboResolution, post-process, and image_downSize can all be active at the same time now without any artifacts. :)

The LightGem is broken :(

Reflective surfaces are back to rendering splash screen data (Grass Demo map) :(


15.06.2018 16:56

developer   ~0010526

Is the water in Grass Demo working when AA is off?


15.06.2018 17:51

developer   ~0010527

Last edited: 15.06.2018 17:51

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This fixes mirrors + AA to me: svn revision: 7474



15.06.2018 19:12

developer   ~0010528

I'll test when I get a chance


16.06.2018 13:06

developer   ~0010531

This is fixed.

The only remaining issues are:

1) Changing r_fboResolution while in-game can sometimes cause the screen to shrink or cutoff. Restarting TDM resolves that

2) Changing r_fboResolution sometimes causes the "click to start" image or other startup artifacts. Restarting TDM solves that.

So the issues that remain are with stability of making changes in relation to the live running engine.

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