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0004835The Dark ModCodingpublic28.04.2021 09:48
Reporternbohr1more Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004835: Somewhere Above the City: debriefing hangs
Steps To ReproduceReplayed the mission now and got a hang at the end of the cinematic debriefing. TDM freezes and stops responding after the priest says "let the builder judge the thief at the day of reckoning". I killed the bad priest and that got mentioned in the debriefing.

Pressing esc to skip the debriefing neither works right at the start of the cinematic nor when it already stopped. TDM just hangs and ALT-Tab does not work.

Windows shows the common not responding dialog when CTRL-ALT-Entfing into task manager and switching back to TDM.
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duplicate of 0004919 resolvedduzenko TDM sometimes crashes after finishing mission 
related to 0005538 resolvedstgatilov Segmentation fault when receiving a new objective in mission "WS3: Cleighmoor" 




14.06.2018 07:18

developer   ~0010519

r_cinematic_legacyRoq 1

is the workaround


17.07.2018 16:49

administrator   ~0010690

I have played the mission "in one go" and managed to reproduce it.

In my case the debriefing played fully to the very end. After the second "blessed day, ..." the camera centered on the artifact. Then it simply stopped there without the mission ending. The engine still worked normally: lighting of the scene was constantly changing because of the torches. Exiting to main menu did not work.

However, when I load my savegames and finish mission, the issue does NOT happen: the mission finishes after the camera centers on the artifact and "mission complete" screen is shown.

Anyway, there is no cinematic playing during the debriefing: no ROQ/FFmpeg is involved. There are no ROQ files in mission pk4. The whole debriefing is scripted gameplay. And the cvar "helped" only because the issues does not reproduce so easily.


17.07.2018 17:13

administrator   ~0010691

I tried to reproduce it with fresh game and did not succeed.


29.07.2018 15:12

administrator   ~0010733

Resigning myself: this problem is not related to cinematics/ffmpeg.


10.12.2018 16:17

viewer   ~0010856

I just played this mission with both endings, and had no problems.

We should get some 2.07 testers to run this to see if the problem exists for them.

I'll attach my Darkmod.cfg file.


10.12.2018 16:18


Darkmod.cfg (12,449 bytes)


10.12.2018 16:19

viewer   ~0010857

Need someone to confirm this problem during 2.07 beta, if it still exists.


18.12.2018 03:36

developer   ~0010959

Still happens for "The Rat's Triumphant".

The affected Roq appears to be the mission complete animation?

Somehow the timing at that phase is thrown off by FFMPEG decoding vs legacy decoding?


18.12.2018 03:51

developer   ~0010960


Maybe this is a little fragile:


idStr m_CompletionTarget;

I seem to recall a number of discussions about idStr not properly retaining data...


18.12.2018 04:24

viewer   ~0010961

I won’t be looking at this.

Someone else needs to handle it.


19.12.2018 04:10

developer   ~0010967

Unable to reproduce on 2.07 beta package.


26.12.2018 04:01

developer   ~0011122

Closed as a duplicate of 4919


26.12.2018 04:13

administrator   ~0011125

I am not sure that it is duplicate: it does not crash at least.
I changed resolution to "Unable to reproduce", since that's how the things actually are (for a rather long time).


28.04.2021 09:48

administrator   ~0013926

Added 0005538 as related, the same dangling thread issue (leading to heap corruption) happens during the final sequence.
It is quite likely that the hanging is caused by heap corruption too.

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