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0004870The Dark ModAIpublic27.12.2018 02:52
Reportergrayman Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004870: Fleeing AI can't open locked door
DescriptionSomething to double-check. The door handling code should already be able to handle this, but apparently there's a glitch.

When an AI locks a door behind him, and then gets scared, he runs back to the door and gets stuck running in place instead of unlocking the door and running through.

Make sure the locked door is his only exit from the area.
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19.07.2018 09:19

developer   ~0010704

Tried it in svn and I am not able to reproduce the issue. Does this happen in a specific mission?


26.12.2018 20:42

developer   ~0011137

I have observed similar behavior on the roof on WS1 in 2.07 beta 01. However, the AI was not fleeing, but hunting me. That's what I think at least.


27.12.2018 02:52

developer   ~0011140

I sorta replicated it. No treadmilling and perhaps the door needed to be set to
allow AI to handle it.

1) Open Closemouthed Shadows
2) Set player to God, Noclip, Invisible (in the console)
3) Without unlocking the first room on the right, noclip through the door and
land on the table with the wine goblet on the left (disable noclip)
4) Turn off invisibility
5) From the table, attack the thug
6) If you damage him enough, he will flee towards the door then attempt to
open the door and stop in his tracks then wander around for another flee path.

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