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0004874DarkRadiantCompilation/Buildpublic08.11.2020 18:41
Reportercoldtobi Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.6.0 
Target Version2.7.0Fixed in Version2.7.0 
Summary0004874: Compile error with gcc-7 (and gcc-8)
DescriptionReported in Debian as bug #897734, - see there for the complete thread.
I'm not sure if the patch provided at the Debian BTS is suitable for you, I did not test if that breaks earlier gcc versions but I guess that is likely; I'll attach it nevertheless.

Summary / Analysis copied from the Debian BTS:

In the new libstdc++-8-dev, the standard header <filesystem> from C++17 is available,
whereas earlier libstdc++'s only had <experimental/filesystem>.
DarkRadiant's build system thinks it can use either the <filesystem> or <experimental/filesystem>
header, but only the experimental version will work because of two reasons:

 1) to use <filesystem>, g++ requires -std=c++17 or gnu++17, which the build system doesn't set

 2) the headers actually have different APIs
    (e.g. there is add_perms in [1], but not in [2])

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26.07.2018 07:02


03_c++17_filesystem.patch (1,262 bytes)   
Description: Resolve FTBFS with GCC 8
 We can't use the regular C++17 <filesystem> header, because the code is written
 against the pre-C++17 header <experimental/filesystem>.
Author: Juhani Numminen <>
Last-Update: 2018-05-24
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -159,15 +159,6 @@
 # By default, we rely on boost.filesystem, unless we have the C++17 libs 
-# Check for the regular C++17 <filesystem> header
-AC_CHECK_HEADER([filesystem], [found_std_filesystem=yes], [found_std_filesystem=no])
-# if no <filesystem> is present, check for the pre-C++17 header <experimental/filesystem>
-if test "$found_std_filesystem" = "yes"
-    AC_DEFINE([HAVE_STD_FILESYSTEM], [1], [Define this to indicate that the <filesystem> header is available for inclusion.])
-    use_boost_filesystem=no
     AC_CHECK_HEADER([experimental/filesystem], [found_experimental_filesystem=yes], [found_experimental_filesystem=no])
     if test "$found_experimental_filesystem" = "yes"
@@ -176,7 +167,6 @@
                                                         header is available for inclusion.])

03_c++17_filesystem.patch (1,262 bytes)   


28.08.2018 13:24

administrator   ~0010743

I'll try to make this compatible with GCC-8


31.08.2018 10:04

administrator   ~0010744

With commit 5e40dc70 (plus predecessors) I adjusted the ./configure script to detect a C++17-compliant compiler. This automake macro automatically provides the --std=c++17 flag to GCC if it has to.

Plus, I added the correct C++17 call to std::filesystem::permissions.

I successfully tested this revision both in Windows and Debian Testing, so I'll set this issue to resolved. Thanks for the thorough investigation and report!

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