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0004881The Dark ModSoundpublic26.10.2020 23:06
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0004881: Apply EFX to location of player's ear, and not the player's origin
DescriptionI came across this comment in PlayerView.cpp:

// TODO: Support overriding the location area so that reverb settings can be applied for listening thru doors?

What this means (for example) is if the player is in a wooden room using wooden room reverb settings, and he leans against a door leading to a stone room using stone room reverb settings (different location), he should hear the stone room settings and not the wooden room settings.
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05.09.2018 13:54

administrator   ~0010757

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Making this change would automatically use the correct reverb if the mapper is using a Listener entity (new in 2.07).

The reverb settings at the Listener entity would be used instead of those at the player's origin.

So if the player is standing in a wooden room and listening to sounds in a stone room somewhere else, he'll hear the stone room reverb.



19.12.2018 03:50

developer   ~0010966

2.07 beta has begun. I presume this is moved to 2.08?


20.05.2020 17:13

developer   ~0012530

Moving to 2.09


26.10.2020 23:05

administrator   ~0012836

Removing myself as "Assigned To" because I doubt I will ever have time to work on it.

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