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0004889DarkRadiantModelspublic08.11.2020 18:36
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PlatformPC, Windows, x64OSWin 7/8OS VersionSp2/8.1
Product Version2.7.0 
Target Version2.7.0Fixed in Version2.7.0 
Summary0004889: A method to deprecate models without breaking existing maps:
DescriptionThe issue is that models cannot be renamed or moved without breaking maps that rely on them.

It would be nice to remove some low-quality models from DR so that mappers aren't tempted to use them without being aware of the problems. Somehow the problem models would need to be flagged in some way that DR can be made to understand, but that that can still be accessed if needed (in case someone wants to edit a map that uses the older models).

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31.01.2019 17:06

developer   ~0011526

Last edited: 31.01.2019 17:09

If I understand correctly, the request is for a mechanism to hide or apply some visual "deprecated" status to models in DarkRadiant, without actually removing the model itself from the game installation (which would break maps).

I think this is actually pretty straightforward:

1. In each folder (virtual in a PK4 or extracted on disk), DarkRadiant will look for an "assets.lst" file, and attempt to parse this as a list of keyvalue pairs. If there is no such file, or the parsing fails, DarkRadiant will ignore the file and load all assets within the folder as normal.
2. If the assets.lst contains a line in the format "bad_model.lwo=hidden", DarkRadiant will hide the named asset from all in-game selectors, but continue to render the asset as normal if it is already present in a map.
3. Other values could be supported as well; for example, "bad_model.lwo=deprecated" could list the model in selectors but apply some GUI styling to indicate that it is not recommended for use.
4. There is no particular reason to limit this to only models (hence "assets.lst" not "models.lst"). Bad textures could be hidden in the same way (although it is perhaps less useful for assets which are constructed via virtual paths in def files rather than an on-disk file hierarchy).
5. The key on the left of the equal sign could be a directory as well, resulting in the entire directory being hidden.



17.04.2019 20:10

developer   ~0011747

Implemented in 2eddbc8bb06bf79c45b37b59ea3abf401bcc92f2

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