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0004898The Dark ModSoundpublic09.12.2018 09:13
Reportergrayman Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004898: Problem with "opposite ear" volume
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related to 0004907 confirmed Make OpenAL settings more configurable inside TDM 




07.11.2018 12:40

reporter   ~0010795

In summary: I'm running TDM 2.06 x64 on Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed), my sound is on a pair of wireless Logitech headphones. The mode is set to stereo in the audio settings panel, and I even tried setting both s_minVolume2 and s_minVolume6 to levels above 0.0 and 0.25 then using s_restart to apply any changes.

No matter what I do, directional sounds are never heard in the ear opposite of the sound source, and there is no minimum volume cap for me. This is very irking to the ear, enough that I often have to face toward loud sounds just so I don't get this ambiguous effect. Hope the cause of this issue can be identified.


25.11.2018 11:05

reporter   ~0010796

I compared this with vanilla Doom 3 and TDM 2.05. s_minVolume2 works in both, with default value of 0.25. It doesn't work in 2.06 at all, so it somehow got broken during work on 2.06. I suggest raising the severity, as this impacts player experience a lot.


26.11.2018 05:19

administrator   ~0010798

Maybe the cvars are ignored in the OpenAL path which TDM uses starting from 2.06.


27.11.2018 06:06

administrator   ~0010801

We have to solve the problem using OpenAL ways.

Here are two possibilities:
1) HRTF, controlled by hrtf.
2) crossfeed, controlled by cf_level.
Also all of this depends on whether you use headphones or not (stereo-mode in the ini file).

Moreover, it seems that HRTF should be enabled by default if OpenAL sees that you use headphones, but for some reason it is not =(


06.12.2018 12:33

administrator   ~0010832

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Now TDM distributes alsoft.ini with two hrtf data files alongside TDM.

As a result, HRTF is enabled by default. Of course, it would most likely work only with headphones (although you can force it in config), and only with suitable sample rates (although you can also force it in config).

Aside from that, I set cf_level to 2 for the case when player cannot load HRTF for some reason. This settings works only when HRTF does not, and it says opposite ear to have at least some volume.

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