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0004907The Dark ModSound Systempublic21.04.2021 02:35
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004907: Make OpenAL settings more configurable inside TDM
DescriptionRight now most of the options are hard to enable/disable:

1) Enabling/disabling EFX requires restarting game. This is quite weird: I guess it is easy to allow enabling/disabling it on the fly, especially given that reloadSounds already reloads EFX file in-game.

2) Enabling/disabling HRTF is only possible from outside of TDM (in alsoft.ini). However, it can be configured when creating OpenAL device using OpenAL-Soft extensions. See this one:

3) Allow choosing HRTF dataset in-game. This probably needs a specialized GUI screen and recommendations. Also it is necessary to know if it is OK for TDM to distribute IRCAM datasets.

4) Allow choosing sound device in-game. Right now the default device is used, and the only option to get away from default is to set a cvar before starting TDM. I have Windows in Russian, and device names are all in UTF-8, so they are very hard to specify in TDM console.

5) Make sure s_restart reinitializes everything, so that if you plug in headphones they get used afterwards (now restarting TDM is necessary).

More likely some other options can be tweaked in-game too.
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parent of 0005587 resolvednbohr1more Add setting to control EFX Reverb Strength 




15.12.2018 03:19

administrator   ~0010921

About HRTF datasets license:


28.03.2020 17:34

administrator   ~0012319

Point 2 about HRTF done in trunk in: svn rev 8651 & svn revs 15887, 15889.


15.03.2021 17:23

developer   ~0013792

We should add an EFX "Reverb Volume" slider that controls the "room" parameter.

If you don't get to this, I can look into it.


12.04.2021 20:44

developer   ~0013841

Dhewm has implemented this feature:


13.04.2021 04:08

developer   ~0013842

Last edited: 13.04.2021 04:08

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Dhewm's change doesn't appear to work in TDM ( Linux ).


14.04.2021 03:28

developer   ~0013843

I have created new issue 0005587

Dhewm has improved the initial implementation so I will try that now.


20.04.2021 19:41

developer   ~0013882

We should not mess with the "room" parameters in EAX- thats part of what gives the illusion of standing in the room.


21.04.2021 02:35

administrator   ~0013888

I don't think it is normal to control EFX settings at all. The master slider is OK, but all the rest is not welcome.
The issue was original about more player-related things, like HRTF datasets, on/off switches, sound devices, ...

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