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0004914The Dark ModSoundpublic23.12.2018 19:21
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Summary0004914: Player-footstep sounds should actually be heard from the player's feet for better 3D-Audio
DescriptionFootstep sounds are currently played without any location information. Instead, they should be played at the location of the player's feet.

This will improve the overall soundscape and immersion when playing with 3D-Audio, e.g., via openAl Soft HRTF filtering or 5.1 surround.
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related to 0004921 resolvedSTiFU Many sounds are stereo that should actually be mono 




21.12.2018 14:34

developer   ~0011004

This issue might be caused by 0004921. So, 4921 should be fixed before going deeper into this issue.


23.12.2018 11:25

developer   ~0011066

The 3d effect of the footsteps sounds more like a volume adjustment. It doesn't actually give the feeling of a 3d effect, probably due to the fact that verticallity is not well represented by both HRTF-filtering and 5.1 speaker setups. Furthermore, the volume adjust feels rather weird. Therefore: SUSPENDED.

Just for documentation purposes, in order to achieve 3D footstep sounds, I did the following:
-Convert all footstep sounds to mono
-Made sure the footsteps sounds are not played as a global sound by setting listenerId to something other than the private listener Id == 1.
(global sounds are treated just like omni sounds)

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