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0000492DarkRadiantGUIpublic17.12.2009 06:41
ReporterKomag Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.4 
Target Version0.9.11Fixed in Version0.9.11 
Summary0000492: (version 0.9.5 pre) Using Split view, open T (Texture Browser) doesn't retain size/position between DR sessions.
DescriptionMy Texture Browser window doesn't remember it's size and location between DR sessions.

I use "Split" view and only open the Texture Browser floating window by hitting T when I want to use it, then I close it. I can open it again later and it does remember the adjusted size and location, but when I close DR and start it again that's when it goes back to default, a tiny window in the wrong place for me.

I believe that it used to remember it, but now I'm not sure.
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07.02.2009 07:05

administrator   ~0002326

I think this has been solved a while ago.

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