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Summary0004931: Investigate frob highlight accuracy improvements
DescriptionCurrently, entity traces are performed based on their collision models (CMs). This can lead to undesirable results if CMs are inaccurate and possible occlude the CM of another entity.

An option would be to perform such traces based on the actual meshes. This must be tested carefully though, as there are things like frob-blockers that don't even have a mesh, etc.
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07.01.2019 08:29

developer   ~0011254

I had a look at this a week ago, to see if it is a quick fix. It is quite evolved, so I decided to drop this for now, but I would like to share what I have found out so far.

The code automatically traces based on rendermodel rather than clip model, if a render model handle is set. So, my initial plan was to add the render model handle for all frobable entities, i.e., when SetFrobable() is called. This was problematic for two reasons: 1) I hadn't found a way to retrieve the rendermodel handle in SetFrobable(), 2) Some entities also have a clipmodel member called "FrobBox" that can optionally be used. It would have to be investigated which model should be preferred for frob traces: FrobBox or render model.

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