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0004945The Dark ModAnimationpublic06.01.2019 15:48
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
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Summary0004945: The very slow pull-push mantle feels unsuitable for mantling medium sized objects
DescriptionWhen you stand in front of a medium-sized obstacle (e.g. a slightly elevated chest), you perform a relatively quick push-mantle. However, when you go into crouched-state infront of that obstacle, the mantle end-point is located higher than your eyes so that you will perform the much longer pull-push-mantle.

In reallife, you would just stand almost upstraight with the support of your hands and then push yourself over the edge. We can replicate this by altering the pull-push-mantle-animation. The regular pull-push has the heavy grunt and is comparatively slow. So, in a situation like this, I propose to do a very quick pull followed by a regular push.
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03.01.2019 22:34

developer   ~0011243

I have posted a demonstration video in the referenced thread. Please give some feedback.

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