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0000495DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic19.02.2008 13:10
ReporterSTiFU Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.4 
Target Version0.9.6Fixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000495: Using the Surfaceinspector on grouped brushes without having to select all faces manually
DescriptionIf you select multiple brushes you can use the Surfaceinspector, but if you group them to a func_group or func_static entity before, it doesn't work anymore. Neither do any of the other manual texturing tools.
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04.01.2008 17:21

developer   ~0000976

Just noticed this myself actually, the only way to edit the texture on a grouped child brush is to locate it in the Entity List.


05.01.2008 02:38

developer   ~0000981

Last edited: 05.01.2008 02:44

...or by hiting tab, to toggle through the childs. But my concern is that I want to be able to scale/move/rotate textures on a whole brushgroup. Whhile maping, I prefer to group brushes (of the same use) together and it's usefull to have direct access on their texture without having to edit every single brush manually.

This was done really nice in GTK Radiant 1.5 . If you shift+clicked a brush, you really just selected the brush, but if you hit cltr+alt+e afterwards, you had the whole func_group selected and could edit it in any way you wanted. Because of that, func_grouping was a powerfull process and frequently used. I'd seriously consider implementing this feature again. Enhances workflow a lot in my oppinion...



09.01.2008 15:45

developer   ~0000989

I just found that "Select children" makes the texturebrowser work again, but then the entity browser doesn't work properly anymore and "Expand Selection to whole Entities" doesn't fix it. I have opened a discussion in the forums about this general topic.


15.02.2008 13:14

administrator   ~0001051

Fixed in SVN.


19.02.2008 13:10

developer   ~0001067

Even applying a new texture on a brushgroup from within the surface inspector works like a charm (including preview). Good work!

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