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0004982The Dark ModAIpublic22.03.2020 12:09
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Summary0004982: KO'ed AI should drown faster
DescriptionThere have been reports of KOing AI and dropping them into water, expecting they'll drown.

But it takes a long time.

Investigate and make sure that drowning is more realistic. (I.e. there's no 'grace period' like there is with the player, who is conscious.)
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01.02.2019 18:23

developer   ~0011531

As far as I can tell, AI use the same airless damage routine as the player. Hence, reducing their airtics should already do the trick.


01.02.2019 19:00

administrator   ~0011533

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AI and the Player use different routines. (UpdateAir())

What I was looking for was if AI were KO'ed, not to let the "grace period" apply. That code is already there. So reducing the airtics for a KO'ed AI won't change anything, since it's already reduced to 0 each time the AI breathes.

One problem I see is the setting of m_AirCheckInterval, which is set once at spawn time, to a random duration of 1-5 seconds. So if an AI is assigned a value near 5, he'll drown more slowly than an AI who's assigned a value near 1.

To provide more uniformity, m_AirCheckInterval should prolly be recalculated each time UpdateAir() is run, rather than use a fixed value set at spawn time.

Math with current code:

Assume 100 health.
Air damage is 10.
Quick-dying KO'ed AI will die in (1 + random interval)*health/damage, so (1+0)*100/10 = 10 seconds. Slower dying AI can take up to (1+4)*100/10 = 50 seconds. It's these later guys that are prolly causing the reports to come in.

Math with random intervals recalculated each breath:

(1+4/2)*100/10 = 30 seconds.

To make them die more quickly, the "4" can be lowered, so a random duration will be between, say, 1s and 3s, which would reduce death to

(1+2/2)*100/10 = 20 seconds.

Something like that.

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