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0004988The Dark ModSoundpublic26.12.2020 14:48
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Summary0004988: "Hardwood" surface uses default stone sound set
DescriptionWhile checking different surftype15 surfaces I noticed that "hardwood" doesn't actually use wood sounds, but default Doom 3 stone sounds.
Steps To ReproduceUse surftype15
    description "hardwood"

in any of your materials, preferably a wooden floor, to check footstep sounds.
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09.02.2019 16:41

administrator   ~0011557

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I've never even heard of a "hardwood" surface. Is it used anywhere? How would it be different than regular "wood" surfaces?



09.02.2019 19:54

reporter   ~0011560

It seems to be used for arrow shafts to stop arrows sticking in other arrows.

(There was also an unrelated cosmetic proposal but I'm not aware of anything having come of it.)


10.02.2019 20:20

reporter   ~0011572

There's also "squeakboard" surface which doesn't allow arrow sticking, but it has proper sound set assigned.


10.02.2019 20:26

administrator   ~0011573

So if this is only ever used on arrows, and not meant to be used on regular materials, does it need an associated set of footstep sounds?


10.02.2019 20:30

reporter   ~0011574

If that's the case, the keyword used is rather confusing. There are things like hardwood floors after all.


26.12.2020 14:48

reporter   ~0013255

bump for 2.09

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