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0004993The Dark ModGraphicspublic06.05.2019 02:54
Reportergrayman Assigned Toduzenko  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004993: r_showportals 1 doesn't do its job correctly
DescriptionWe've talked about this before, so now I'm filing a report with an attached map with a series of visportals in line, extending away from the player.

When the mission starts, what I expect to see is 7 open (green) portals in front of me.

What I see instead, is the closest portal only, and it's designated closed (red).

As I walk down the hall, the closest red portal snaps into view when I get close to it. This continues until I reach the end of the hall.

SVN (Trunk) behaves the same way.

There are other instances where a portal is red when I'm away from it, yellow when I get closer, and green when I'm right on top of it, but let's start with this example.
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15.02.2019 20:45


badportals.jpg (974,604 bytes)


15.02.2019 20:46

administrator (9,455 bytes)


16.02.2019 07:55

developer   ~0011607

Appreciate the effort behind the test map
The legacy incompatibility between show portals and subviews has grown too annoying with the recent moves of both skybox and lightgem to subviews.
r_skipSubviews 1 is the work around for 2.07 but this bug needs to be resolved anyway.


16.02.2019 12:14

developer   ~0011609

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Svn 7966 - temporary workaround for subview/portal view count conflict
Actual fix is blocked by bad rendering when framedata double buffering is off



16.02.2019 12:21

developer   ~0011610


16.02.2019 17:49

administrator   ~0011611


Even the "red->yellow->green as you get closer" transition is now fixed.



17.02.2019 09:18

developer   ~0011612

Mappers need a working showportals right? Maybe consider offering a patch for download?


17.02.2019 19:35

developer   ~0011615

Revision: 7969
Moved parts of the show portal code to frontend so that it allows SMP and subviews


18.02.2019 01:33

developer   ~0011616

A patch for mappers would be appreciated, yes. I just came here after encountering this bug.


19.02.2019 17:14

developer   ~0011623

Reminder sent to: duzenko

Do you think these two commits could be merged into a local 2.07 working copy without issues? If so, would you mind attaching appropriate binaries to this issue so mappers can use them?


19.02.2019 18:27

developer   ~0011624

The users in the AMD bugs forum thread said my build worked for them.
I could build another one and attach here but it 'feels' rather awkward.
I would prefer an official 2.07 R2/SP1 but I still need to hear about the MESA linux issue.


06.05.2019 02:54

developer   ~0011787

Changed target: it is fixed in 2.07-hotfix (just released).

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