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0000050The Dark ModCodingpublic16.11.2007 21:12
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Summary0000050: Lightgem Changes Based On View Angle
DescriptionOriginal report by Gildoran:

I'm assuming this is not intentional, but I've noticed that the brightness of the lightgem changes based on my view angle. These two pictures were taken from the same spot; the only thing that was different was the direction I was looking.

(see threaded discussion)
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06.02.2007 11:09

reporter   ~0000068

I just wanted to comment that I believe the cause is that the color buffer isn't getting set to black before rendering the lightgem's view. The reason I suspect this is because the lower left corner of the screen seems to get added to the value of the lightgem.


05.11.2007 03:21

reporter   ~0000815

Just for completeness, the reason for the lightgem variation was due to the rendershot being offset and thus taking a bit of the world into account.

This has been fixed by Greebo.


06.11.2007 15:39

reporter   ~0000833

Waiting on closing this -- Komag is having some problems (new ones in fact) and we'll have to wait and see how/when that's settled.


16.11.2007 21:12

reporter   ~0000872

The last holdout (Komag ;)) seems to have had his problem corrected with a driver update. So this looks good now. Any new problems can be tracked separately of course.

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