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0005006DarkRadiantGUIpublic12.04.2019 08:28
Reportertafferboy Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005006: Presseing shift-LMB select - is selecting mutltiple back ground items
DescriptionWhen I am shift-selecting surfaces, worldspawn or objects in orthoview DR will semi-regularly select a bunch of items in the background all the way to the edge of the map.

The amount of times I have come back to work in DR and found whole swathes of brushes with the same textures, or lights with the same shader.

Steps To ReproduceI have tried 3 different mice and 2 different keyboards (shift key) and the issue is worse when using a steel series mouse (£40) than compared to a cheap logitec M100 mouse (£10).

It looks like DR or myself are somehow drag selecting, but I am not seeing a selection reticule. I don't believe this issue effected the older pre-widgets versions of DR?
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06.03.2019 13:58

reporter   ~0011671

Would it help if I made a video of this behavior..?


10.03.2019 06:34

administrator   ~0011680

If you don't mind, a video might be helpful. I've never seen such behaviour.


12.03.2019 14:27

reporter   ~0011685

Ok will do, when I get home this evening.


18.03.2019 23:48

reporter   ~0011690

While making the small example video, I noticed another issue (which I have filed another tracker for)

At the start of the video I am holding the shift key and then left clicking on various brushes in camera view, and you can see each of the two times I was able to reproduce it - you can see a load of background items get selected.


30.03.2019 13:22

reporter   ~0011702

Added a note to my other bug report, which may provide insights on whats effecting both bugs -



12.04.2019 08:28

reporter   ~0011725

Is there anything else I can do to help narrow down the issue..?

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