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0005020The Dark ModGUIpublic01.04.2019 23:49
ReporterHMart Assigned To 
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OSWindowsOS Version10 
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005020: The Gatehouse mission lacks screenshots on the mission downloader
DescriptionWhen clicking the "more" option on the mission downloader, in the screenshot section there's only a black screen, when I clicked next, TDM crashed but I couldn't reproduce that crash in my next attempt, clicking next again only showed a black screenshot. Seeing other missions info, all the ones I tried apart from The Gatehouse have screenshots and going back and forward between them worked fine.
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27.03.2019 16:56

developer   ~0011696

Possibly related to 0003463?

They're downloading correctly to /fms/_missionshots, but they're failing to display correctly in the GUI.


01.04.2019 23:47

reporter   ~0011706

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It does look related to 0003463, it is marked has solved but the bug seems to have returned.

Could it be a image codec problem?

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