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0005039DarkRadiantRendererpublic11.05.2021 10:37
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PlatformR7 1800X, 16GB, AMD R9 570XOSW10OS Version1803
Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005039: A way to highlight models with no material defined in DR render
DescriptionRight now, any model with no material file (.mtr) defined but whose texture path is correct and the textures are on the right folder, show up textured as normal in DR (it makes a empty default material?!), next to many others with real materials, so in DR is very hard to notice if that particular model has or not a real material defined.
This is not what the engine does, the engine itself, makes this models glow and semi-transparent, making them very easy to spot. I would love if that could be done directly in DR render so we save some time going back and forth between DR and the engine render just to detect those.

I assume the default behavior is to create a empty material so models show up fine in DR, this is fine and I don't think it should be changed, what i'm suggesting is a way to toggle a option so you know what models have a empty material file assigned to them, or by DR or by the user.
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related to 0005024 assignedSpringheel The Dark Mod Missing dark_redwood materials 




26.11.2019 13:55

administrator   ~0011881

I tried to repro that issue with a brush using the dark_redwood material mentioned in the linked issue 0005024, but it appears to work both in-game and in the editor. Is this only related to models? And if yes, could you provide an example setup?


07.05.2021 23:19

reporter   ~0013969

Sorry for taking so long to say anything only saw this now.

About the problem, hum, never saw this with brush's my self, so I assume is only for models.

About making a setup, I could but IMO is not very hard to do a test on your end, just have a model, whose model material name/path (I use lwo exclusively but you can try a ASE model for easy editing, assuming this is not a lwo exclusive problem...), matchs the real path/name of the existing diffuse texture;

Something like this:

model "material" path/name: textures\folder\texturename
existing texture path: textures\folder\texturename.tga

If the model already has a material defined, than find it inside the .mtr file and comment out, so it can't be found by the engine.

Again no material should exist with that name, only a diffuse texture in the folder/path in question, with that particular name should exist.

If you do this correctly than even with no material, you should see the model textured in DR but ingame it should be full bright and semi-transparent.

If even after this you can't reproduce it, I will try to do a test for you.

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