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0005045The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic06.05.2022 20:29
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Summary0005045: Implement a "boids" system
DescriptionThis is a special code used to simulate flocking behaviors of birds and other animals.
Additional InformationExample with code of a boids system
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28.08.2019 20:59

reporter   ~0011829

Nice video about implementing boids with code


06.05.2022 20:29

reporter   ~0014820

Hi guys I implemented the, very basic, boids system I made in dhewm 3 in TDM the following video shows what I have so far. If is something you guys want and don't mind cleaning up code... I will post the c++ code all files like the def file needed to make it work and also explain the process more or less.

About the code, first a disclaimer, I'm still a total noob c++ programmer, so expect some bad code and bugs, it needs a pass from a better programmer but I hope is good enough for you guys to do something with it.

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