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0005053The Dark ModAIpublic13.09.2019 17:04
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
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Summary0005053: Lanternbot still has lit appearance after 'knockout'
DescriptionWhen a lanternbot is 'killed', parm7 is faded to 0 by tdm_ai_lanternbot::onDeath(), which fades down the bright yellow flickering of the lantern glass surface using the lanternbot_lit material.

However, lanternbots can also be disabled with the blackjack, and when that happens the actual light goes out but the lit material on the body is unchanged.
Additional InformationSpeaking of lanternbot_lit colouration, why are the diffuse colour parms multiplied by each other?

        blend diffusemap
        map models/md5/chars/steambots/bc_lanternbot
        rgb parm0 * parm1 * parm2

The lanternbot has default "_color" "0.7 0.64 0" so presumably the result is rgb 0.
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