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0005083The Dark ModGraphicspublic29.12.2019 07:58
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Toduzenko  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSVN 
Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005083: Player-held weapons are no longer lit
DescriptionIf you take out a sword, it is completely black, regardless of light sources nearby (lantern or candle).
In 2.07, held weapons are properly lit by surrounding lights.
Steps To ReproduceThe starting area in Closemouthed Shadows FM is good enough, since it has both sword at start and a candle in the starting area.
Additional InformationBy bisecting through history, I found that it got broken by source code changes in the beginning of October 2019.
  svn rev 8355: works properly
  svn rev 8376: does not work
I could not further reduce the range, because the intermediate SVN revisions don't compile.
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29.12.2019 07:13

developer   ~0011954

I can repeat this on my side too


29.12.2019 07:35

developer   ~0011955

Seemingly broken by multi-draw calls in depth pass


29.12.2019 07:58

developer   ~0011956

Completed: At revision: 8470

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