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0005084The Dark ModGraphicspublic09.03.2020 04:32
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Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005084: Interaction culling and Shadowhide WIP performance
DescriptionThe purpose of this issue is to track the following forum thread:

The problem is that rendering performance got worse on SVN than on 2.07, when testing on the Shadowhide WIP (Painter's Wife).
Steps To ReproduceStart the aforementioned FM and execute: setviewpos 80 -300 -125
See forum thread for more details.
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related to 0005172 resolvedstgatilov Improve interaction culling: case when player-visible object is not visible from light 




29.12.2019 06:47

administrator   ~0011951

The initial results on my machine were:
    2.07 hotfix: 48-50
    svn8334: 48-50
    svn8346: 58-60
    svn8401: 35-40
    svn8401 with reverted 8380,8381 and r_useMultiDraw 0: 58-60
    svnHEAD: 38-40
    svnHEAD with reverted 8380,8381 and r_useMultiDraw 0: 58-60
1) performance improved between 8334 and 8346 (most likely due to the change in VertexCache implementation)
2) performance worsened between 8346 and 8401 (due to removal of interaction culling).


29.12.2019 06:56

administrator   ~0011952

Some fixes by Duzenko to partly recap the removed culling:
  svn rev 8454 (40-45 FPS): for off-screen entities, drop interaction if entity and light are in disconnected portal areas
  svn rev 8456 (45 FPS): with loose shadow bounds, cull by viewport and by light scissor rect
  svn rev 8459 (57-60 FPS): moved both new culling checks earlier avoids instantiating dynamic models and building shadow geometry


29.12.2019 09:34

administrator   ~0011960

Next, the original interaction culling (previously removed in svn rev 8380) was restored with a few small fixes:
  svn rev 8468: fixed issue with idBounds intersection (see 0002734) --- that could ruin the case when shadow frustum does not hit the portal
  svn rev 8469: interaction culling in its original form fully restored (note: additional checks added by Duzenko also remain)
  svn rev 8473: added check for return value of ProjectionBounds inside FloodFrustumAreas (probably not important)

After that, it was discovered that FloodFrustumAreas implementation from vanilla D3 is wrong, and can erroneously remove shadows a rare cases:
The repro map added to SVN as test/

Aside from that, the main problem with interaction culling still remained: it could not be used in parallel from multiple threads.
Because it cached the list of portal areas found by FloodFrustumAreas in the interaction, with a use of global custom allocator.


30.12.2019 15:35

administrator   ~0011984

Finally, interaction culling was changed to make it on-the-fly and threadsafe:
  svn rev 8475: redone the whole culling code (better read svn commit message)
  svn rev 8476: two new checks added by Duzenko refactored into proper place (again, see commit message)
Also, the new algorithm is not susceptible to the bug mentioned above.

Finally, there is a note about a bit of missed opportunities:
Perhaps would be done later.


03.01.2020 06:07

administrator   ~0012033

For me, performance is the same on 2.07 and current SVN, with the updated version of the map.

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